Why I am Still on the Fence about FastPass+

So most people know by now that Disney has rolled out a brand new fastpass system called FastPass+. I was a huge fan of the old fastpass system and really saw no issues with it. But there are many pros and cons to the new system. I still cannot definitively state if I am for or against fastpass+. Here are my pros and cons:


  • Magic Bands: No longer have to carry a million little pieces of paper. All my fastpass information is in one place that I can easily access from my phone. (Also a not on the magic bands, I like that they are customizable and that I can go straight to my Disney Resort Hotel Room when I arrive because my room key is already linked to my magic band)
  • More rides are included as fastpass options
  • Innovative and eye-catching technology that adds magic to the experience: I love the new readers what light up. I think that it is a really great and easy technology that enhances the overall atmosphere
  • The plan-ahead factor: I like that you no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a fastpass for Toy Story Mania. Also, if you are arriving to the parks late in the day, you can still get fastpasse


  • Limited number of Fastpasses per day: My family used to be able to get 10+ fastpasses per day and for multiple rides on the same ride. We are now limited to 3 0r 4 if we are lucky
  • Tiered system: Because of the lack of E-Ticket attractions at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you have to pick only 1 per day. This is really disappointing if you have a limited amount of time at the park
  • The Plan-ahead factor: I know this is a pro also but what if you do not know which parks you will visit and on what days. Weather can play a factor also, I am more likely to head to Epcot rather than Animal Kingdom if its raining. Planning fastpasses 60 days in advanced makes it difficult to navigate last minute changes
  • Park hopping: Fastpass+ makes park hopping a little less fun. You can only make fastpass reservations for 1 park per day.

So there you have it. There are pros and cons to fastpass+ and please keep in mind that everyone does Disney a little differently.

Let me know what you think about Fastpass+ in the comments section!

If you are unsure about what Fastpass+ is click here to be directed to the Walt Disney World Website page on Fastpass+

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** Featured Image courtesty of Huffingtonpost


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