New (exciting?) Nighttime Attractions Coming to Animal Kingdom

As most Walt Disney World enthusiasts know, Animal Kingdom is getting a bit of a makeover. The biggest part of this makeover is the new themed land called Pandora based off of the Oscar Winning (non-Disney) movie Avatar set to open in 2017. But that is not the only change for Animal Kingdom!

Walt Disney World is trying to reposition Animal Kingdom to be more of an ‘all-day’ park. Now, Animal Kingdom is by no means my favorite park. I only really enjoy 3 rides at Animal Kingdom: Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl, and of course Expedition Everest. As for the safari and other animal based attractions, I feel I can experience those things at my local zoo. That being said when I visit Animal Kingdom, I am only there for half the day.

In order to change the minds of people like me, Animal Kingdom will soon be offering new nighttime entertainment!

First, they have announced a new sunset safari which will feature 2 new animal species, the hyena and wild dog. 

Second, and in my opinion, more exciting, new nighttime edition is a new nighttime spectacular called ‘Rivers of Light'(see video below) which will use the Tree of Life (the parks icon) as the centerpiece. The show will most likely use projections and lasers. Fireworks will most likely not be utilized due to the safety of the animals.

My personal opinion is that I can take this or leave it. I am excited for the new rides associated with Pandora but as for the nighttime entertainment, its not that exciting. I guess I will have to enjoy the second half of my day at Animal Kingdom instead of the first half of my day. These new nighttime editions still do not make me want to spend all day at Animal Kingdom.

Are you excited for the new Nighttime editions to Animal Kingdom? Let me know in the comments section below!

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