What are you Celebrating?


I firmly believe that the best place to celebrate any milestone such as a birthday or anniversary is at Disney Parks. There are many perks that come with having a celebration at the Disney parks. I have personally celebrated 4 birthdays at Disney World and have celebrated many anniversaries of other family members while at the parks. Here are the great perks for celebrations:

  1. Special Celebration pins (should I mention that these are free!)
  2. Individualized attention from cast members. All cast members will go out of their way to wish you a happy birthday or even sing to you! I’ve even had a full band sing happy birthday to me in the middle of fantasyland.
  3. Higher likelihood of magical surprises: I entered magic kingdom wearing my happy birthday pin with my family in tow when I was approached by a cast member and asked if I was celebrating, he then went on to make me and my family the Grand Marshalls of the afternoon parade!
  4. Free dessert at table service restaurants, yes they will sing!

Celebrating at Disney is so much fun whether it’s an anniversary, honeymoon, birthday, graduation, or family reunion, I feel that celebrating at Disney is the best!

How have cast members made your celebration extra magical? Let me know below in the comments section!

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4 thoughts on “What are you Celebrating?

  1. My sister birthday was actually on the day we were at Magic Kingdom, and we got to get a free FastPass! I have celebrated my birthday at Disney but my family didn’t know if those pins then!

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