Why Walt Disney World Should NOT be Compared to Other Theme Parks

Many people have gotten in the habit of comparing Walt Disney World with other theme parks. I believe that Walt Disney World cannot be compared to others because Walt Disney World is one of a kind. It is not even in the same category as other places like Universal and Six Flags.

Here is the bottomline: Those other theme parks are built for rides. They try to pack in the thrill factor with just rides that seldom have an original storyline or theme. At Disney, it was built for the atmosphere. Yes they wanted rides so that parents and children can ride together, but Disney’s biggest selling point is the atmosphere. The Disney Parks are fully immersive, you are fully surrounded by a story. The sounds, the buildings, even the smells put you in a picture book. As you walk down Main Street, you can smell the pastries from the bakery (Starbucks) and you can even hear the conversations of people who live or work in the shops (To hear this you must go into the alleys and listen closely). When you are in Storybook circus, you can smell the popcorn (not just from the popcorn they are making, they actually pump the smell in!). And look at the ground, you can see peanuts and circus animal footprints on the ground!

No other theme park goes to the extent that Disney does. Universal’s Harry Potter World is the ONLY thing that comes close. There is nothing like Disney. The next time you go to Walt Disney World, I challenge you to sit back, relax, and take in the atmosphere!

Do you think Disney World can be compared to other theme parks? Let me know below in the comments section!

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