A Day Aboard the Disney Fantasy

If you are looking for a relaxing vacation but still want to be surrounded by Disney, a Disney Cruise is THE BEST OPTION! I have been lucky enough to have experienced 7 Disney Cruises! The latest 2 trips were aboard the amazing Disney Fantasy! Disney Cruise Line consists of 4 ships, Magic (1998), Wonder (1999), Dream (2011), and Fantasy (2012). I have traveled on only the Magic and the Fantasy. In this post I would like to describe what MY day looks like when I am at sea on the Disney Fantasy!

7:00 am: Wake up in my cabin to a beautiful sunny day. I put on my exercise clothes and head out to Deck 4 for a run.

8:00 am: After cleaning up and changing into my bathing suit and cover up, I head up to Deck 11 Aft to meet my family for a buffet breakfast at Cabanas.

9:00 am: We head up to deck 12 to get some lounge chairs. After putting our stuff down, we head up to the AquaDuck for our first ride of the day. At this time, it is just opening so the line is very minimal. 

10:00 am: Time to sit down on the lounge chair and watch the movie on Funnel Vision (The big tv screen on the forward funnel).

11:00 am: At this time, all of the food choices by the pool open. Therefore, its time for my first lunch, a slice of pizza from Luigi’s Pizza. After this, I usually spend some time with my family in the pool.

12:00 pm: Time for a self serve, soft serve ice cream cone!

1:00 pm: At this point I want to grab a bowl of mac and cheese ( THE ABSOLUTE BEST MAC AND CHEESE YOU WILL EVER HAVE) from Cabanas and enjoy some air conditioning.

2:00 pm: Now its time to enjoy some time in the Adult pool, Quiet Cove Pool,  where the water is still cool and clear!

3:00 pm: This is the perfect time to check out the Midship Detective Agency. This is a fun game to play and also helps to get used to the layout of the ship! It’s also a good way to work off your lunch if you use the stairs!

4:30 pm: Time to head back to the cabin. I order an All Hands on Deck Cheese Platter from room service to munch on while I get ready for the nights festivities.

5:45 pm: My family and I head over to the Walt Disney Theater for that nights feature show. 

7:00 pm: After the show we head over to the atrium for picture opportunities. The Disney Fantasy provides many opportunities for professional portraits to be taken as well as many character meet and greets and this is the perfect time to take advantage

8:00 pm: Time to head to dinner at one of 3 restaurants: Animators Palate, Royal Court, or Enchanted Garden

10:00 pm: Head over to The Tube for the featured Adult nightime entertainment.

11:00 pm: Back to the cabin for some much needed rest!

As you can see, I really like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the pool deck. There are so many great activities to take part in on the Disney ships that it is absolutely impossible to take advantage of them all! I recommend that while on a cruise of any kind, to leave time for relaxation. Vacation is a time to NOT have a strict schedule! There is truly something for everybody!

What is your favorite way to spend your day on a Disney Cruise? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “A Day Aboard the Disney Fantasy

  1. I love everything about Disney Cruises – but some of my favorite ways to spend a day include reading at the Cove Cafe and sipping some hot tea or cold soda depending on the weather, playing trivia or chip it golf, eating lots of food and snacks, and then looking forward to the nightly show and dinner!

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