Mickey Monday!

Today is the first in a series of Mickey Mondays! On Mickey Mondays, we will explore one of Mickey Mouse’s different costume changes!

In our first Mickey Monday I will highlight Sorcerer Mickey!

Here is a picture of Sorcerer Mickey:sorcerer mickey

I love the Sorcerer Mickey Costume! Not only does it take on the colors of classic Mickey (Red robe and yellow rope), but it adds an extra touch of magic to Mickey! When Mickey wears this costume, he has real magic powers and becomes a more powerful character. The best time to see sorcerer Mickey is in Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios, as pictured above. In this show, Sorcerer Mickey becomes a true leader and hero and saves all of his other Disney Friends from an evil villain, Chernabog. Sorcerer Mickey’s costume is taken directly from Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 where Mickey borrowed the Sorcerer’s hat. One word to describe sorcerer Mickey is Magical.

Check back next Monday for another Mickey Monday!

What do you think of Sorcerer Mickey? Let me know in the comments!

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