The Best and Worst Place to Watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks

If you have ever been to Disney’s Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, then you most definitely have seen the Nighttime Fireworks Spectacular: Wishes! After being to the Magic Kingdom many times, I’ve narrowed down the best and worst places to catch these fireworks.

The number 1 WORST place to watch the fireworks are in the hub directly in front of Cinderella Castle.

This is also the most popular place to watch the fireworks. When viewing the fireworks from this area, the Castle actually blocks your view of the fireworks! Also, recently the hub is under construction so there are additional blockages. If the castle wasn’t big enough to block your view, thousands of heads will, if your short anyway. This is the most conjested area to watch the fireworks, it is easy to lose your family and turns into a horrible mosh pit afterwards.

Helpful Hint: If you find yourself in the hub for the fireworks and want to make quick exit out of the park, duck into the gift shops on Main Street on the right hand side when facing the exit. Most of the gift shops are connected so it makes for a good quick getaway.

The number 1 BEST place to watch the fireworks in Fantasyland, Specifically New Fantasyland OR by Peter Pan’s Flight.

This is a surround sound view of the fireworks with no obstructions! Of course, you will not make a quick getaway but you will be able to see the Fireworks!

Helpful Hint: If you don’t wish to watch the fireworks, this is the perfect time to visit a more popular ride because the lines will most likely much shorter!

For a SUPER QUICK GETAWAY: watch the fireworks from the Main Street Train Station. This offers great viewing right at the Exit of the park.


Here’s the proof:

Below is a video of the Fireworks from the Hub. We were not directly in front of the castle (so castle didnt block the whole view) But the construction blocked our view this time:

Below is a video of the Fireworks from Peter Pan’s Flight area:

Where is your favorite place to watch the fireworks? Let me know your Disney Opinion in the Comments:

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