A Complete Guide to In-Park Table Service Dining at Walt Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Next up in our Table Service guide is Hollywood Studios. Like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios doesn’t offer a ton of table service options but the options they do have are really great. Here are my favorite picks!

Hollywood Studios

1.Mama Melrose

Location: Streets of America

Theme: Famous Hollywood Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian

My Thoughts: I love this restaurant partly because of its Italian food and partly because of its theme! This restaurant is where all the Hollywood stars go and you can tell by all the pictures with autographs on the walls. This restuarant is named after a fictional character that traveled to Hollywood to be an actress but ended up opening a successful old school Italian restaurant. One of my favorite entree picks from this restaurant is the penne alla vodka. Also this restaurant is great for picky eaters!

2.Sci-Fi Dine in

Location: Commissary Lane

Theme:50’s Drive in Movie

Cuisine: American

My Thoughts: This restaurant has amazing theming. First, you get to set in a car and watch movies during the whole meal! This restaurant is great for little kids because they get to watch tv and eat…at the same time!! Of course the movies playing including drive in favorites like The Blob. Even though you really feel as if you are in a drive in movie, there are a few drawbacks. First, if you have a big party, your table will be a little different than the other tables. Tables that seat 4 or 5 really feel as if your in a convertible car. Any party bigger than that will be at a normal table with car like embellishments. Also, it is dark! If you have a hard time seeing in the dark then either bring a flash light or opt out.

3.50’s Prime Time Cafe

Location: Echo Lake

Theme: 50’s Homecooked Meal

Cuisine: American Comfort

My Thoughts: Well if you want the closest thing to a home cooked meal, this is the place to go! Not only do you get home-cooked quality comfort food, but you get the discipline as well! That’s right! No elbows on the table or you will be punished.  I personally am not a huge fan of the food but it is definitely a fun option if your looking for more of an overall experience rather than just a meal.

What is your favorite table service restaurant in Hollywood Studios? Let me know in the comments!

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