Our last stop for our Table Service guide is EPCOT! Epcot has, by far, the most choices when it comes to any type of dining! The world showcase alone has a ton of options! Here are my favorites from Epcot:


1.Teppan Edo

Location: World Showcase-Japan

Theme: Hibachi

Cuisine: Asian/Japanese

My Thoughts: My family loves this restaurant. Not only is it fun and immersive, but the food is absolutely delicious! Yes, you can find hibachi style dining anywhere, but there is something about eating hibachi style in Japan, well Epcot’s version of Japan. The chefs are incredibly talented and entertaining as well! This is a great pick for guests will little kids because it is a very entertaining meal, so impatient kids will be happy as can be! Keep in mind, that smaller parties will have to sit with other small parties since this is a special and unique experience!

2.Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

Location: World Showcase-Italy

Theme: Southern Italian Pizzeria

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

My Thoughts: I prefer this Italian restaurant over the other one in the Italy Pavilion. This restaurant has many more options that have a more American-Italian feel, which I prefer. Also, they have so many different kinds of Pizza’s so that whatever you are looking for you can have! I also love that this restaurant is very bright, it has a very airy feel to it which is really refreshing since most italian restaurants have a darker feel to it.

3. La Hacienda de San Angel

Location: World Showcase-Mexico (on the lake)

Theme: Waterfront Mexico

Cuisine: Mexican

My Thoughts: Although I like both restaurants in the Mexico Pavilion, this is my favorite. The views are just as great as the food. I do not reccomend to plan to watch the fireworks from inside the restaurant because there is no gaurantee that you will get a table with a wonderful view. The food at this restaurant is delicious, my favorite is the shrimp tacos!

4. San Angel Inn Restaurante

Location: World Showcase-Mexico (in the pyramid)

Theme: Old World Mexican

Cuisine: Mexican

My Thoughts: This restaurant has really good food, the only drawback is that it is really dark inside! Sometimes it’s hard to see what you are eating, but everything that you put in your mouth from this restaurant is delicious! The fact that you are totally immersed in the theme of this restaurant is also really unique. This place is great for small children, because it is already really loud in the restaurant, plus your kids will be entertained by watching the people on the ride on the river!

5. Coral Reef Restaurant

Location: Future World-The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Theme: Aquarium Dining

Cuisine: Seafood

My Thoughts:For my last pick at Epcot, I am going to venture out of World Showcase. Although I am not a big big fan of seafood, I love this restaurant! Mostly because of the giant aquarium that sometimes showcases Mickey Mouse scuba Diving! Um is that awesome or what!? This restaurant is also great for impatient kids because they are entertained by all the fish in the huge aquarium!

So there it is, my full guide to table service dining in the parks at Disney World! I have highlighted all of my favorites, now let me know what your favorites are!

What are your favorite table-service restaurants in Epcot? Let me know below in the comments section!

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