Mickey Monday

Happy Mickey Monday!

Today is the second Mickey Monday! For those of you who are not familiar, on Mickey Mondays I highlight one of Mickey’s Cosutme changes!

This week I will highlight Captain Mickey!

Here is a picture of Captain Mickey:

captain mickey

Captain Mickey can be found on mainly Disney Cruise Line sailings! I love the Captain Mickey costume because this is one of the only costumes that gives Mickey a real rank and real place of power. While Mickey is wearing the Captain Mickey Costume, it is obvious that he is in charge; his other costumes don’t really give him that sense of power. I feel it is the most appropriate costume for Mickey, especially while sailing because it was all started by a mouse after all!

Check back on Mondays for more Mickey Mondays!

What do you think of Captain Mickey? Let me know in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “Mickey Monday

  1. This is probably my favorite Mickey. Especially in the show they do on the cruise – can’t remember if it’s actually called Adventures Await or if that’s just part of the song they sing. I think the show has a different name… maybe it’s All Aboard Let The Magic Begin.

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    1. Yes the deck party when the ship takes off is currently called adventures away and the show in the theater on the first night is called all aboard let the magic begin!! So you are correct for both! Thanks for reading!


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