Traveling to Disney World with the Elderly

A trip to Walt Disney World may not be something that the elders in your family feel they can handle, or, maybe, like in my grandfather’s case, they insist on making it work! 

Either way, it is up to the rest of the family to make sure that their experience at Disney is a full one!

Now I will honor my fun-loving grandfather, (who had issues walking for far distances)  and talk about the experience that my family had while visiting Disney.

When all 14 of us arrived at Disney (my whole extended family), we were in for a really fun vacation. My grandparents were so excited to finally be there. We started out the vacation at Epcot, where my Grandpa quickly learned that Epcot was a big place! Unfortunately, by the time he realized this, all the motorized scooters for rent in the parks were taken, so we had to settle on a regular wheelchair.

However, Disney does not factor in the long walk from the park gates to the bus stop for the resort hotels. Or the long walk from the bus stop at the hotel to your hotel room.

So my family came up with a different solution!

We rented a motorized scooter from an independent company, it was delivered to the hotel we were staying at and we had it for the whole trip.

This revelation made my grandfather’s experience much more enjoyable. We did not have to wait on long lines for the bus back and forth from the hotel. Also, we did not have to wait on most lines for rides (my grandfather even went on ALL the rides including Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller Coaster, and Test Track with the rest of his family). 

When traveling with elderly, I reccommend renting a motorized scooter from an outside company so that you never have to worry about not getting a scooter in the parks or the long walks outside of the parks.

In the end, traveling to Disney with the elderly can be a fulfilling experience! The whole family should always be able to enjoy a trip to Disney!

Have you ever traveled to Disney with an elderly family member? Let me know in the comments section below!

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3 thoughts on “Traveling to Disney World with the Elderly

  1. This was a trip I will never forget! The motorized wheelchair was the best decision we made, it made my father’s trip to Disney much easier for him and provided us with some laughs as well;) thanks for sharing Ashley!

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