Top 10 Thoughts You Have When You Walk Down Main Street for the First Time

I hope all my current and future followers had a great holiday! Now that it’s back to reality, it’s time to get back to blogging! So today my new light-hearted blog post is all about the thoughts one has while walking down Main Street for the first time! For those of us who can’t really remember that magical moment this list will definitley make you laugh!

  1. Ok here we go, we are through the gates! There’s the castle!


2. Wait wait! I need to take a picture, no even better a selfie! great-another-selfie

3. Wow it’s crowded! Where are all these people going?!


4. Hmm, I wonder if those businesses listed in the windows are based on real businesses? (Disclaimer: they are not real businesses but they are real people!)

5. Oh man, I got this guys head in my Selfie!


6. Wait where are the characters? Aren’t they supposed to be like walking around and talking to me or something!

7. *Checks My Disney Experience App* OMG the line for Peter Pan is already an hour long!!

long lines.gif

8. Hey how come we didn’t get matching shirts!?

9.Ok now if everyone would just get out of my way so I could get a clear shot of the castle for Instagram

out of my way.gif

10. Ok now that I have the perfect picture, time to get to the rides!


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