Luaus, Marathons, and Monorails: A Disney World Trip Report Part 2

Hello all, for those of you following along, this post will highlight my second day at Disney where I visited Animal Kingdom and Epcot. For those of you just joining, you can see part 1 of this trip report here

Day 2

So we got up, ate our cereal that we bought at the food store, and was on our way to the bus stop to head to Animal Kingdom. The walk to the bus stop is actually a pretty long one. Eventually the Animal Kingdom bus arrived and we were on our way.


Going through security wasn’t too crazy. There was definitley a more serious vibe than previously. I’m happy with the thorough check because it makes me feel safer. They were picking random people to go through a metal detector.

Animal Kingdom

Upon entering Animal Kingdom, we headed straight for Dinosaur. It was about 9:30 AM and we waited 10 minutes on standby. We then headed to Expedition Everest and waited about 20 minutes. It was chilly in the morning and they still had the fans on in the queue, which was annoying (you know the ones that spray mist when it’s really hot). After Expedition Everest, we headed to It’s Tough to be a Bug. There was a lot of construction going on thorughout the park. They were building some kind of stadium seating that I think is for the new nighttime show. We could also see a big structure being built that will be part of the Avatar section of the park. Below is a picture of what I am assuming will be a floating island.


We were on our way to Epcot at about 11 Am.


When we got to Epcot, we headed for our first fastpass of the day which was Test Track. After that we tried to get a snack at the new grilled cheese food truck called Taste Track and we were immensly disappointed when it was closed all day. So instead, we got a Vanilla Frosted Donut from a Jofferey’s stand and it was delicious! It was fresh, warm, and just well delicious. I definitley recommend trying one of these donuts. 

Lunch at Epcot…keep reading for the craziest story you will ever read!

Ok so now I have a story for you guys! For lunch, my sister and I headed to Mexico quick service and my parents headed for the Fish and Chips in England. I got the Tacos de Pollo with churros and my sister got the Nachos with churros. Both meals were delicious! So here is where things get crazy. At Mexico, the quick service location is outside by the lake under a roof/overhang. So, of course there were many birds! There were black birds that resembled crows (I have no idea what kind of birds they really were) and white ones with long beaks and long legs. I have no problem admitting that I am not an animal person (especially not birds and squirrels and that kind of wildlife). So when this family was feeding the birds at the table right next to us it made me very mad! Becasue now wall the birds kept swooping in over our heads to ge the food that this lady was feeding them. So having to eat with birds flying 2 inches from my face was not a pleasant experience. I think that it is so rude to feed wild animals in a place where people are eating. If you want to feed birds or other animals, then go to a place where people are not eating!

So the story doesn’t end there. After making a quick exit away from the birds, we made our way to meet our parents over in England where they were also dining outside. When we arrived, I said to my parents in a joking manner “So is anyone over here feeding the birds?” Well, the birds weren’t the only animal they were feeding. They were actually feeding the squirrels too! Now this was a special kind of crazy because they weren’t just throwing food on the ground, these people were letting squirrels climb all over them! And, he was feeding the squirrel straight in the mouth with the same hand he was feeding himself! Just because we are at Disney does NOT mean that squirrels there do not carry diseases, germs, and other disgusting things. Squirrels are part of the rodent family. This is like being in New York City, seeing a RAT on the street and letting it crawl onto your lap so you can feed it! And this is in a place where people are EATING! All I ask, is that if you feel the need to feed wild animals in a public place, do it where people aren’t eating! Here is a picture to prove it:


So anyway, moving right along…

Dinner at Epcot

After a fun day in Epcot, we ate dinner at Tepan Edo, the Hibachi restaurant in Japan! It was delicious as always, this is one of my top restaurant picks! Our chef was so much fun, he has been a chef there for many years and you could tell he loved it. We were sat with 2 other parties. Both parties were nice and pleasant to talk to. One party was a couple who was visiting together for the first time. The other party was neighbors who were annual pass holders. We were celebrating my birthday so all the waitresses and chefs sang to me and brought my dessert with a candle. We didn’t stop to watch reflections on the way out because we were tired and have seen the show many times (I feel that the show needs a major update). All in all, Day 2 was a success. I always seem to have a new experience when I visit Disney and this time it was at lunch (the craziest thing I’ve ever seen at Disney).

What was the craziest thing you’ve seen at Disney? Are you Excited for the new attractions coming to Animal Kingdom? Let me know in the comments!

Part 3 can be found here!


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