Luaus, Marathons, and Monorails: A Disney World Trip Report Part 3

Hello all! Welcome back to my January 2016 Trip Report! For those of you just joining, you can find the previous parts of this report here:

Part 1

Part 2

Beginning of the day

Ok so this part of my trip report will highlight my third day at Disney World. It was Friday and we spent the whole day at Magic Kingdom! Since we were staying that the Polynesian, we headed straight for the monorail and arrived at the Magic Kingdom around 9:45 am. We started the day with 3 fast passes: Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Space Mountain starting with the first at 12pm. Our original plan was to head straight for Peter Pan since this is a very popular ride! Unfortunately, the wait time was already 55 minutes! Therefore, we decided to bypass this ride (one of the disadvantages of Fastpass+). Instead we headed for the Little Mermaid, which was less than a 5 minute wait. Upon exiting this ride, it was pouring! Luckily we were prepared with nylon jackets and made a run for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh which was a 35 minute wait. 

Lunch Time!

Around 1 pm we headed to Columbia Harbor House, our favorite quick service restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant is inside and always has available tables. My favorite item on the menu is definitely the fried shrimp platter!! In my family, it is not a day at the Magic Kingdom without visiting Columbia Harbor House.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

At 3pm we walked over the bridge from Tomorrowland and found a spot to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade. This parade was the best parade I’ve seen at Disney World in a really long time! The floats were big, exciting, and plentiful. The music was refreshing and fun. Also there were many characters! I was very weary about possibly wasting time watching this parade but I am glad we stopped because it was so enjoyable. All I could think was “Finally!” Disney definitley has a keeper, at least for a little while! Here is a full video of the parade taken by myself:

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

I just want to mention this ride really quick. This is definitley one of my least favorite rides and one of my Dad’s favorite rides! Here’s my problem with this one: First, I can never tell where my gun is pointed at! I never know if I’m actually hitting a target or not. This ride also needs a much needed renovation (which is actually happening this year). During this renovation, I hope that they repaint everything because paint was chipping everywhere! So yes that is my complaint about this ride, it needs a major overhaul!

Jungle Cruise

I also want to talk about this ride quickly. The inside of this ride was still decorated for the Jingle Cruise. There was definitley a very apparent Christmas theme. I don’t understand why Disney doesn’t just continue the Jingle Cruise until all the Christmas Decorations come down?


Dinner at the Plaza Restaurant

We decided last minute around 2 pm that we wanted to have a table service dinner. My dad really wanted a good Hamburger so we decided on the Plaza Restaurant. I was able to find and book a reservation straight from the My Disney Experience App. It was really easy to do this and in seconds we had a dinner reservation. The food at The Plaza was good. It was typical diner food, nothing fancy. We had a rather bitter waitress with no real personality but that’s ok it didn’t alter our overally experience. I will complain about 1 thing though. They didn’t sing Happy Birthday to me. I was wearing a Birthday Pin and the waitress wished me a Happy Birthday but nope, no candle in my dessert or anything. I’m not sure why, if anyone knows why they might’ve skipped my birthday please let me know in the comments.

New Restuarant Open at Magic Kingdom

Jungle Navigation Company LTD. Skipper Canteen is now open in Magic Kingdom. It is not taking any reservations, it is simply walk up and maybe get seated for now. It is located right across from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. My family and I did not eat there. The menu looked ok. Originally the restaurant was supposed to have a more African Theme to it’s menu. When looking at the menu in the park, it seemed to be different from what was originally announced so I am 75% sure that they changed it up already. The menu now features a hamburger, steak, and Macaroni and Cheese among other things. If the menu stays as it is right now then I definitley look forward to eating there in the future!

Overall day 3 was a success!

Do you know why they didn’t give me a birthday candle at the Plaza? Have you seen the new parade? Let me know in the comments section!

Stay tuned for Part 4 of my trip report!


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