Staying on the Monorail Line: Is It Worth It?

During my last trip to Walt Disney World, I stayed at the Polynesian Village Resort. This was the first time my family and I have stayed on the Monorail line. Now to be fair, the question mentioned in the title of this post is extremely subjective. The bigger question is what kind of vacation are you looking to have? Then the question of whether the monorail line is worth it can be answered. Take the poll below to let me know what your opinion is!

The type of Disney Vacation my family and I wanted to have was a park goer vacation. This means that we would only use our hotel to sleep. We would spend all day everyday in the parks. So was the large expense for a deluxe resort on the monorail line worth it for us? The answer is a resounding NO!

Here are the details of my experience while staying on the monorail line:

So first things first, when catching the monorail from the polynesian, you are catching the resort line. This means that your monorail will stop at MK, T&TC, Grand Floridian, and the Contemporary. Here is the order of stops when starting at the Polynesian:

  1. Polynesian
  2. Grand Floridian
  3. Magic Kingdom
  4. Contemporary
  5. Ticket and Transportation Center
  6. Back to the Polynesian

Now to get to Epcot, you must transfer at the T&TC. This includes walking down one ramp and walking up another ramp and then WAITING for ANOTHER monorail.

To get to Magic Kingdom in the morning is actually really convenient. However, at night you must wait on a long mass of people that they call a line in order to get onto a monorail. There is not much difference between this experience and the experience waiting on a line for a bus. So why pay more for the “convenience” of the monorail?

Also, to get to the other parks like Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, you must get a bus. The bus stop at the Deluxe resorts consist of a few benches under a overhang. I never waited less than 20 minutes! So by the time a bus did come, there was a large mass of people waiting, so even if you were the first one at the bus stop, you could still end up standing because there are no organized lines like at other resorts like the All-Stars which are hundreds of dollars less a night! Also, there was one day when we waited 45 minutes for a bus to Hollywood Studios, so instead of waiting any longer, we got on a monorail to Epcot (which was a pain due to the transfer) walked all the way through Epcot to the international gateway, then hopped on a boat to Hollywood Studios. This whole adventure took 2 hours! We left our hotel room at 9am and didn’t get to Hollywood Studios until 11!

There was no way of knowing when the buses were going to come, at the All-Star resorts, they actually have screens that list estimated arrival times of the buses! Also, we did not get a bus for only the Polynesian, we had to always make a second stop at the Grand Floridian, even at peak times! So how is this more convenient than any other hotel? I will tell you it’s not, if anything it’s more of an inconvenience except for when you travel to Magic Kingdom in the Morning.

Lastly, the crowning jewel of an experience with the monorail happened on our last night, the night of the Marathon. After my dad and I ran 26.2 miles we waddled our way to Epcot and around the world showcase. We ate dinner at Le Cellier (Canada). It was a late dinner at 8:35 pm, the park closed at 9pm. We were done around 9:45 pm and walked out of the gate by 10pm. Guess what! The monorail was closed! So after being in a lot of pain and looking forward to just hopping on the monorail (and having to transfer at T&TC), we still had to hobble over to the bus stop that was assigned to the Polynesian and wait at least 10-15 minutes for a bus to show up!

So let me ask you, is this “Convenience” even worth it? If you are looking to have a park-goer vacation and only want to sleep at your hotel, then I would suggest to skip staying on the monorail line and go for an All-Star, Pop Century, Art of Animation, or even Yacht and Beach Club.

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