Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival Attraction Review

In one of my past posts, I highlighted a new attraction that was coming to Epcot! Well, it’s here and I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing this new attraction first-hand just a few weeks ago. This attraction, in short, is a 3-D movie experience that is housed where Captain EO and Honey I Shrunk the Audience once resided. And I will say, right off the bat this attraction is a home run! 

Finally an attraction that highlights the magic behind Disney Pixar. If you want to be completely surprised, I suggest you skip over this post. But if you want to know about the overall experience so that you can judge whether this attraction is worth while for you then keep reading.

The attraction begins in a pre-show area like most 3-D movies at Disney. The pre-show movie highlights interviews with top Pixar Animators and the stories behind their most famous works as well as a history of Pixar. This pre-show movie is a really fascinating and interesting movie that any Disney-lover or tech-enthusiast would love.

Once you move on to the main theater, you will experience 3 short films. The first is an orginal Mickey Mouse Cartoon. I don’t want to give too much away, but this one short AMAZING! If you are on the fence about spending time at this attraction, this one short will make it worth while!

The following 2 short films are Pixar Shorts. Currently the selections are La Luna and For the Birds. La Luna was paired with Pixar’s Brave (shown before the movie in Movie Theaters) and For the Birds was paired with Pixar’s Monsters Inc. Both short films had minor 3-D aspects but I enjoyed watching both of them even though I have seen them before. 

This attraction was definitley worth while and although Captain EO is a true Epcot classic, I was excited to see a new and fresh attraction at Epcot that highlighted Pixar’s groundbreaking technology.

With a short wait, this attraction is definitely a great exprience for the whole family to enjoy. It’s nice to see something new at Epcot!

Do you think this new attraction is worth while? Would you have liked to see something else open in this space? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival Attraction Review

  1. I’m looking forward to the viewing the Mickey Mouse short. My kids are huge fans of the Mickey Mouse classic short shows and I’m certain they’ll love this one too!

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