10 Things that Every Disney Super Fan Will Understand

Hi Everyone! So in case anyone was wondering, I am a huge fan of everything Disney! I definitely am a full-on DisNerd! So here are a few experiences that every Disney Super Fan can understand!

1.When a non-Disney Super Fan thinks they know more about Disney than you


2. When someone asks you a question about Disney and then googles your answer to fact-check you


3. When someone tries to tell you that other theme parks are better than Disney World/Land


4. When you are told that Disney is only for little kids


5. When someone says that Disney Parks only contain Fake Happiness


6. When you are talking about your upcoming trip to Disney and someone says “Your going again!?”


7. When someone says something about Disney History and you have to correct them


8. When you come into contact with someone who doesn’t know the names of all the Disney Princesses



9. When you meet another Disney Super Fan that knows more than you but you don’t want to admit it


10. When someone says my favorite ride at Disney World is [*insert ride from universal*]


Have you ever had any of these experiences? Let me know in the comments section below!


8 thoughts on “10 Things that Every Disney Super Fan Will Understand

  1. This is totally my language!! My parents even make fun of me for my love of Disney, and they are Disney fans as well! I understand all of this, and I loved this post!! 🙂 When is your next trip to Disney World?

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  2. Similar to #3, I am just now realizing that not everybody would enjoy a Disney Cruise as much as I do. At first my thinking was “how could you not want to go to on Disney Cruise?!” but then I realize if they haven’t been, they don’t know what they’re missing… and some people just don’t know how to enjoy a cruise or Disney, so maybe they just shouldn’t go after all. 🙂

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