Peter Pan’s Flight: Behind the Hype

So if anyone has taken a trip to the Magic Kingdom or Disneyland, then you know what the most popular dark ride is! That’s right! Peter Pan’s Flight! The line for this ride usually has a line of a half hour within the first 15 minutes of park opening and a half hour into opening the line is a solid hour all day (on off-times)! In this post, I will talk about why I believe this dark ride is so wildly popular!

First thing first, I personally have been on this ride many many times. With that being said, this was courtesy of the old fastpass system (you know the system where you were allowed to have as many fastpasses throughout the day as you wanted). So now that fastpass+ limits our fastpasses, I skip on a fastpass to this ride in favor of the rollercoasters. Therefore, the long wait time now directly affects me and many others. So here is why I think this ride is so crazy popular!

1.This ride is a Disney Classic! This ride is considered one of the original Disney World Dark Rides and one of the last ones remaining especially at Disney World. Therefore, first-timers (who flood Magic Kingdom everyday) feel like they haven’t experienced Magic Kingdom without riding on this ride. It is also a source of nostalgia for those old-timers.


2.It’s a family ride. You can bring everyone in your family on this ride whether they are an infant or a senior citizen. That being said, only 2-3 people can ride in one ship at a time which causes the line to move slower compared to another non-scary family ride like It’s a Small World. And who doesn’t want to fly to Neverland in a pirate ship!?


3.This ride always has a long line, so many un-seasoned guests may think “let me get on line for this before the line gets any longer!” Therefore creating Dumbo-Dash like scenario.


So, in my opinion, these are the top 3 reasons why Peter Pan’s Flight is so popular! Luckily, at Disney World, they reimagined the queue into a more interactive experience that actually makes the long line pleasant. 

Why do you think Peter Pan’s Flight is so popular at Disney World, as well as at other Disney Parks around the world? Let me know in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on “Peter Pan’s Flight: Behind the Hype

  1. I haven’t been to Disneyworld yet, but I know at Disneyland, the line is just as bad. I think it’s incredibly nostalgic for people so they tend to favor this due to memories or the way it makes them feel. It’s like it has its own magic to it. I love Peter Pan so much and plus mermaids!

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