The Hidden Value of the My Disney Experience App

So now that the Fastpass Plus system is fully in place and running somewhat smoothly for a majority of people, it is time to talk about how to effectively use the My Disney Experience App while you are already in the park.

The app provides a great tool for planning and keeping track of your Disney World Vacation but the main question is: Now that we are here, What good is this app? There are some obvious answers but there are also some hidden gems on this app that some people do not realize.

  1. Ride Wait times: In the attraction tab of the app, you can choose a park and see all the rides for that park in alphabetical order. This is a great tool because you can make quick decisions about which ride to head to next.

Hidden Value: If you go to the menu (3 horizontal lines in top left corner) you can choose wait times option. This will list the rides in order from shortest wait to longest wait in a selected park! Also, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of this screen, you can see if any of the attractions are temporarily closed! This is so useful because gone are the days when you have to keep walking over to Test Track to see if it is open again.

2. Restaurant Reservations: When viewing the dining tab on the app, you can check out all of the restaurants on site including being able to check out their menus!

Hidden Value: You can also make reservations for each table service restaurant for up to 14 people straight from the app. So if you want to make a last minute reservation or change a current reservation, you can do so right from the app. This eliminates the need to stand on a guest services line, call Disney customer service, or visit each restaurant to see if there is an opening.

3. Photopass Pictures: You can view your photopass pictures straight from the home screen of the app. They also come up instantly after your magic band is scanned!

Hidden Value: You are able to purchase these pictures straight from the app or just view them on your mobile device (watermark included). This is a cool feature because it is fun to see all of your pictures whenever you want also it is cool to share your ride pictures with people who did not ride with you!

So these are the 3 features with hidden value of the My Disney Experience App! There are many other features of this app that are also useful like Fastpass + capability but these are my favorite 3 features.

There are also things that I would like Disney to add to this app:

  1. Capability to book a new fastpass after you have used the first 3. (I hate waiting on line for those hard to find kiosks)
  2. Disney Transportation Tracker: How cool would it be if you could have estimated wait times for transportation back to your hotel!?
  3. A Disney Vacation Countdown: I would love to be able to have a Disney World countdown inside the app so that when I am looking at the app, I can see exactly how long I have until my arrival.


What do you like about the My Disney Experience App? What would you like to be added? Let me know in the comments section below!


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