New Stories Coming This Week!

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for my short hiatus. Unfortunately, life became a little busy as life usually does and has prevented me from blogging for the past month or so. Luckily, I am finally ready to continue posting new stories. 

During my time off from blogging, a ton of new Disney News has been released and I myself even took a short, and I mean short, trip to Disney World. My next few posts will talk about these new announcements as well as my trip to Disney, You won’t want to miss that one! 

Happy Blogging Everyone!


2 thoughts on “New Stories Coming This Week!

  1. I watched your 4 Parks 1 Day challenge on YouTube, and I loved it so much I have already watched it twice! I was so impressed on how much you got done in just a day and by 12:50 you had already done all the parks except one! I have a couple questions for you about your visit. How did you do FastPasses(what were they for the day), did you do the single rider line for the thrill rides, and what was your favorite part of your vacation? Okay, sorry for so many questions, but I just love to know about people’s Disney experience. This challenge is definitely on my bucket list!

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