4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: How I Did It

Hi everyone! During my short hiatus, I made an extremely short trip to Disney World. Basically, I flew in on a Friday afternoon and flew home on a Sunday afternoon, so yes it was extremely short trip and I only had one full day in the parks. Therefore, instead of deciding which park to visit, I decided that I would do all 4! Here is how I planned for this difficult challenge.

I only had one option, I had a full day at the parks on Saturday, March 12. I would like to point out that I did not pick out this date for any particular reason except that my parents were going to Florida for this weekend. When I realized that I was going to be at Disney World on a Saturday in March (Spring Break) I was very worried at how things would work out. I wasn’t sure how the crowds would look or how crazy transportation between parks would be.

Here are the factors I took into consideration and how I planned out my day ahead of time.

The park hours for the day:

Animal Kingdom: 8-9 am Extra Magic Hours, 9am-6pm

Hollywood Studios 9am-9pm

Epcot 9am-9pm

Magic Kingdom 9am-12am

Based on these park hours I decided which park to visit and when. I decided to go to Animal Kingdom for Extra Magic Hours at 8am. Since there are so few rides there, I knew this would be my quickest park so I also planned to go straight to Hollywood Studios after Animal Kingdom and arrive to Hollywood Studios by it’s opening at 9am. From Hollywood Studios the plan was to walk to Epcot via the Boardwalk. 

I decided to do Hollywood Studios before Epcot because the lines for Rock and Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror increase exponentially after 10 am as opposed to just one ride with a long line, Test Track (Soarin would be closed for refurbishment) at Epcot.

Then of course I would spend the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom. My best case scenario plan was to be at Magic Kingdom by 1 pm. I was also planning for a 5:40 dinner reservation at Narcoosee’s at the Grand Floridian. So I was worried that the two hours for dinner would really cause a problem but I didn’t want to miss out especially because I have never eaten there. So I would have to make do.

I also had to plan out 3 Fastpasses. I knew that I would use them for rides at Magic Kingdom because I would be at Magic Kingdom the latest and longest. I decided to get a fastpass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at 8:30 pm, Space Mountain at 9:30 pm, and Splash Mountain at 10:30 pm.

I figured I had a pretty good plan but many things could go wrong. I was so excited to try to conquer this challenge! To read Part 1 click HERE!

If you guys have any other questions about my planning stage please ask in the comments section!! I am happy to answer any questions and/or help you plan out your 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge!




7 thoughts on “4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: How I Did It

  1. Do you know if you can make Fastpasses for one for each park(well, you obviously would be missing one of the parks, but I was just wondering if you know if you can make just make one for one park and so on)?

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