4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: Part 2

Hi all! Welcome to Part 2 of my 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge. For those of you who have not read part 1, you can find it here!

Now in Part 1 I left you on a bit of a cliff hangar. I had just finished up my time at Animal Kingdom and I had arrived at the Hollywood Studios Bus Stop at  8:32 am. At the end of Part 1 I left everyone wondering how long I actually waited for the bus to arrive at the bus stop. Here is the Answer: 3 minutes and 47 seconds!

That is right everyone, I waited less than 4 minutes for a bus to bring me to Hollywood Studios before Hollywood Studios was even open. Lets just say my timing was impeccable and the universe was definately working in my favor. I arrived to Hollywood studios just as they opened up the gates and was online for Rock and Roller Coaster by 8:59. I went on the single rider line and walked right on to the ride!

Within 10 minutes, I was on line for Tower of Terror. This line was a little bit longer. The listed wait time was 10 minutes but I only waited 8 minutes and 45 seconds before I was seated on an elevator. I was so happy because I was making great time!

I had only been in the park for 30 minutes and I had done both major thrill rides that most people that day would have to wait over an hour to ride! My last ride at Hollywood Studios was Star Tours! Again the listed wait time was 10 minutes and I waited only about 7 minutes.

After Star Tours I made my way towards the front of the park and stopped at a store to buy a souvenir charm for my very old charm bracelet. Thanks to the Disney Parks Shopping App, I knew exactly which store had the obscure charms that I wanted.

At 9:53 am, began my beautiful walk around the Boardwalk on route EPCOT. There are two options to get to Epcot from Hollywood Studios, Walking or by Ferry. Upon leaving Hollywood Studios, there was a Ferry Waiting at the Dock. I had to make a quick decision, I ultimately decided to stick with the plan and to do the walk. I was pleasantly surprised that I had beat the Ferry to Epcot and I had made a good choice. I walked at a leisurley pace and arrived at Epcot’s entrance at 10:18 am (a 22 minute walk).  I was on route to the most crowed ride at Epcot, Test Track (Soarin was closed for a refurb).

One of the benefits of traveling with a party of 1, is a reduced amount of bathroom breaks. Usually I travel to Disney with a party of 10 or more including small children. Therefore, the amount of bathroom breaks we make is staggering! Pretty much after every ride we need to make a bathroom stop! Bathroom stops usually take an average of 5 minutes maybe even more depending on how crowded the bathroom is. Therefore, families can lose up to an hour on bathroom breaks alone!

Can you guess how many bathroom stops I have made up to this point in the challenge. Remember I woke up at 6:30 am and it is now 10:18 am (about 4 hours). Make your guesses in the comments section below!


4 thoughts on “4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: Part 2

  1. What charm did you choose? I am guessing you had one bathroom stop already! I totally understand about the traveling with a lot of people and then going on bathroom breaks. My family has traveled with my mom’s side of the family twice, and there are several small children in my family.

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  2. I’m thinking you didn’t stop yet to use the bathroom. 🤔
    By the way, I’m loving this,series you’re writing. I really feel like I’m with you on this magical adventure!

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