4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: Part 3

Welcome back to my 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge adventure! In my last post which highlighted part 2 of this journey, I spoke about my time in Hollywood Studios. You can find that post here! I also left you with another cliff hanger! Basically, I left off on my way to Test Track at 10:18 am! After a quick anecdote about bathroom breaks, I asked you all to guess how many bathroom breaks I had up until that point. The answer is: NONE! I was making great time and I was ready to tackle EPCOT.

After a short walk over to the most crowded area of the park, I arrived at the single rider line at Test Track. This wait will be the longest wait so far, the single rider line boasted an honorable 30 minute wait. After waiting about 32 minutes, I was done at Test Track and I headed to Mission: Space which was right next door. I walked right on to this ride and was done with two major rides at Epcot by 11:29 am.

Finally it was time for my first bathroom/food/water break of the day. I quickly headed over to the bathroom right across from test track, followed by the Joffrey’s Cart in the Universe of Energy Pavillion. I bought a Vanilla Frosted Doughnut and a water bottle. The doughnut was delicious!

After my short break, I made my first mistake of the day. I wanted to head over to Journey into imagination with Figment, I assumed that the wait would be short and I would walk right on. Therefore, I walked all the way over to the pavillion and found a 25 minute wait. I decided to skip the ride because I refused to wait that long and headed for my last ride at Epcot, Spaceship Earth. The wait was listed as 20 minutes, I only waited a mere 11 minutes and 58 seconds before I was in my seat.

Finally I was off to my last park, Magic Kingdom. The Goal was to do as many rides as I possibly could while there. Upon exiting EPCOT I made my way to the monorail and waited only a minute and half for the monorail to arrive.

Can you guess how long the ride from Epcot to Magic Kingdom took? Keep in mind that to get to Magic Kingdom, you must transfer monorails at the ticket and transportation center. Make your guesses in the comments section below!



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