4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge: Part 4

And now the moment you have all been waiting for! The finale of my 4 Parks 1 Day challenge. For those of you joining me for the first time, you can find the previous three parts here:

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Also if you would like to skip all the reading, Scroll all the way down for an Exclusive short Video that documented my complete adventure!

In my last post, I was on my way to Magic Kingdom from EPCOT via Monorail! I asked you all to guess how long the ride was and everyone who guessed had such great guesses! The correct answer is that from the moment I stepped onto the departing Monorail at Epcot to stepping off the Monorail at Magic Kingdom, it took 34 minutes! 

I arrived to Magic Kingdom at 12:50 pm! I was ahead of schedule and I headed straight for lunch at the Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland. This quick service spot serves up the best gourmet Mac and Cheese. I am a huge fan of Disney Mac and Cheese, I feel it is the best Mac and Cheese I have ever had and it is consistant through all Disney Properties which is great! Anyway I stood on line for a while before I had a bowl of delicious mac and cheese.

I then walked over to Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid as I ate my Mac and Cheese. I waited 21 minutes which was just under the listed wait of 25 minutes. However, this is when I began having some bad luck. As soon as I entered the first room,  the one with Scuttle, the ride stopped for about 15 minutes! It was quite frustrating! I spent a total of 40 minutes over at the Little Mermaid.

The lines at Magic Kingdom were extremely long! So I headed to It’s a Small World followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. I was jumping around the park more that I wanted to but since it was hot (85 degrees) and the lines were long (up to an hour wait for rides like haunted mansion and pirates) I needed to follow the shortest lines in order to keep my sanity and get as much done as possible. After Pirates I went on line for Winnie the Phooh but the line was evacuated after 5 minutes since the ride was down. After that, I wanted to get an ice cream or some kind of slush. Lets just say the lines for any kind of ice cream were ridiculous so I headed over to Aloha Isle for a frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

At this point it was around 4 pm. I then took a leisurley stroll over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority where I thought I would be able to just walk right on but I was wrong, I waited about 13 minutes which is unusual for whenever I have traveled to Disney. After an enjoyable ride with a brief stand still while I was on the ride, it was time to head over to Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian for dinner.

As far as my dinner was, the service was great but the food was very underwhelming for the price. But it was nice to meet up with my parents and tell them about what I had done so far.

I arrived back to Magic Kingdom around 7 pm and headed straight for the Haunted Mansion. I engaged in an interesting conversation with a couple who had 2 little kids and they proceeded to tell me that they felt there weren’t any rides at Magic Kindom for kids and they have been there all day and only went on 2 rides if you count the riverboat. I spent the entire wait time helping them out and helping to educate them a little bit. They were very thankful for my advice and I was thankful that they found the right person to talk to.

Anyway, after a 40 minute wait for Haunted Mansion, I headed over to Winnie the Pooh, where I successfully boarded the ride this time, followed by my first Fastpass of the day.

At exactly 8:39, I was on line for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (an 8:35 Fastpass return). Afterwards, I had some time until my 9:25 Fastpass for Space Mountain. In the meantime, I hit Astro Orbiter. I feel that Astro Orbiter in a very underrated ride. I think it is thrilling but tame at the same time. After a 28 minute wait for Astro Orbiter it was time for Space Mountain. 

I also had a 10:35 pm Fastpass for Splash Mountain so I wanted to get over to Frontierland before the lights went out and the Fireworks started at 10. I wound up at Big Thunder Mountain at 9:54 and was able to watch most of the fireworks from the line (only a 21 minute wait even though the listed wait time was 45 minutes. After a quick bathroom break I walked next door to my favorite ride! Splash Mountain!

My Splash Mountain experience was definitley one for the books. In front of me on line, there was a huge group of rowdy high school kids. A bulk of the boys were in the log in front of mine. They proceeded to remove their shirts during the ride. A woman came over the loud speaker and requested them to put their shirts back on. About 30 seconds later, the ride stopped and the lights came on. Even though their log was not in my line of sight, something tells me that they did not put their shirts back on. It is unfortunate that some rowdy kids can really ruin the magic for others. Anyway, the magic was reinstilled when I looked at my ride photo and a boy sitting next to a girl in the back my log asked the girl to prom. I thought that was an amazing way to be asked to prom!

After Splash Mountain, it was finally time for the last ride of the night. I headed over to Peter Pan and arrived there around 11:02 pm. After a 30 minute wait I got onto the ride which is notorious for having an hour plus wait every single day and was walking out of the park by 11:35 pm. After a short wait for a bus back to the Yacht Club, I was rather glad to get som rest. It was long day but I was able to get onto 20 rides in 4 parks in 15 and half hours. I deem this attempt of the 4 Parks 1 Day Walt Disney World Challenge a huge success! 

Here is a video to prove my success. I used a Go Pro on the time lapse setting. It took a Picture every 30 seconds. There are not many pictures once it got dark since the go pro has no flash or night vision. 


If you have any additional questions on how I did it, please feel free to ask in the Comments Section below.

Also, if you have your own 4 Parks 1 Day Story to Share, please share in the comments section below!



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