All of our Fastpass+ Dreams have come true

Well maybe not all of our dreams. But a major new feature to the My Disney Experience app will make everyone’s Fastpass+ lives so much easier! That is right, after using your Fastpass+ selections, you will be able to make additional selections right from your phone. As long as you know how to use a smart phone, you will no longer need to find an obscure Fastpass+ Kiosk, wait in line and then hope that your favorite ride will have a fastpass available for a time that is not during your dining reservation!

This is a great new addition to the My Disney Experience app, but the question is why wasn’t this feature available at the initial roll out of Fastpass+. Well, we may never know the answer but I am very thankful that I will no longer have to wait on a long line to add only 1 additional fastpass.

There is also another feature that will make park hopping more feasible. After selecting and using your initial three fastpasses, you will now be able to choose your next fastpass in a different park. For example, if you make your first three fastpasses at Magic Kingdom, and you would like to park hop over to Epcot after all your fastpasses are used, you can make your fourth fastpass for an attraction at Epcot.

Now all they need to do is introduce a feature that will tell me how long I have to wait for the next bus back to my Resort!

What do you think of the new Fastpass+ features? Let me know in the comments section below.



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