What is Going on with Disney Parks!?

In the recent months, Disney has made a variety of announcements about their parks. These announcements include ride closures in Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom nighttime experiences, and most recently the cancellation of the Disney Dollars. These announcements have been quite sporadic and some don’t even make sense.

For example, we have all been so excited for the new nighttime experiences coming to Animal Kingdom. Not only has the opening day of these experiences been delayed but one experience seems to be cancelled until further notice? This just doesn’t add up to me. Disney has advertised Rivers of Light, the new nighttime show, as the centerpiece of the Animal Kingdom Nighttime Experiences but now it seems that it has been replaced with a different show based on the Jungle Book. So what happened to Rivers of Light? 

Also, Disney has announced some new paid experiences such as the new nighttime party in Magic Kingdom where you can pay quite the price to have Magic Kingdom basically all to yourselves and the new morning Breakfast in Fantasyland where you can also pay to enjoy 3 popular fantasyland rides prior to park opening. Is this a money-making ploy to eventually replace complimentary extra magic hours with paid experiences? 

Could these inconsistencies be a direct result of the change of command in the Walt Disney Company? That is my theory. The CEO of the Walt Disney Company is retiring and the company is looking for a new CEO. Here is where things get muddy. The guy in charge of the parks division is also stepping down; so what does this mean? It seems that things are a little crazy on the executive level at the Disney Company could this be the reason things are going a little awry inside Disney parks?

Do you think all of these changes to Disney Parks are a little bit crazy? Do you know what the fate of Rivers of Light is? Is there an announcement that you think is a little out of the norm for Disney? Let me know in the comments section below. 


4 thoughts on “What is Going on with Disney Parks!?

  1. Honestly speaking, I would not go to the morning or night time party at Magic Kingdom. I mean if they offered all or most of the attractions, yes, but this thing doesn’t seem worth it AT ALL and Extra Magic hours is a lot better.

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