The Horrible New Update to the My Disney Experience App (UPDATE)

Update: there has been another update to the app where old functionality was restored. There is now an option to view attractions by wait times with the new interface.

Hello to all my present and future followers! Today I believe it is important to talk about the new update that recently hit the My Disney Experience App. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my Disney App had updated and I was so excited to see what new app features were going to be included. When I was browsing the app, I was immediately disappointed. They actually took away some functionality of the app. That is right, they took away a really important feature for those of us who care about ride wait times!

There is now no more feature to sort rides by wait time. If you want to find a wait time for a specific ride, you now have to filter by the park and then scroll down an endless list of attractions that are listed in alphabetical order. Also, most of the these attractions aren’t even a ride with wait times, they are just attractions such as different animal encounters at Animal Kingdom or the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House in Magic Kingdom.

Not only does this make looking for the shortest ride wait time in a park take an obscenely long time in comparison to the older version of the app -where you can click on ride wait times and everything is organized by wait time-but it is also extremely annoying.

Check out the new update on your phone and let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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4 thoughts on “The Horrible New Update to the My Disney Experience App (UPDATE)

  1. I think this is the app that my husband was saying took away the favorites? But I don’t remember for sure if it this app or a different one – but one of them used to let you mark rides/shows/restaurants as favorites so that when you’re in the park, you can make sure to hit up the things you marked. Then the app updated and it took away the favorites.

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