Airports, Tables, and Birthdays: A Universal-Disney Trip Report 2016 Part 1

Welcome to my Grand Universal-Disney Trip Report! Now first to give you some background:

Our traveling party consisted of 14 People (3 different families) aged 5-56. We celebrated 3 different birthdays, 2 sweet 16’s and 1 fabulous 40th. We planned a 3 day adventure at universal before heading to Disney for a week long magical vacation. At Disney we planned to stay at the All-Star Music resort and we were on the standard Disney Dining Plan. We began planning this trip over a year in advanced. Happy Reading!

Our family was so excited on the morning of August 10th because our 9:45 am Delta Flight was listed as on schedule. We checked in our luggage and waited at the gate for boarding. Suddenly an announcement went on 5 minutes before boarding was to begin saying that our flight was delayed for a half hour. 5 minutes after that, another announcment was made that our fight was cancelled. ~Pause for Dramatic Effect~ Now what are our options, take the flight that they are booking us on which departs the following morning (with possibility that the same thing will happen again), try to book all 14 of us on another flight that is leaving today on a different airline, or cancel our whole trip and leave the airport defeated.

Well option number 2 was plan B. After all the adults hid away in a crowded corner of the airport, we were finally all booked on a Jet Blue flight that was leaving at 9:30 PM that night. After a painful day at the airport (when we were supposed to be at Universal with dinner at Margaritaville) and a few more delays, we were finally in the air at about 11 pm.

Upon arriving in Orlando after 1 AM, we were tired but just glad to finally be on vacation. We were at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal around 2 AM when our second bit of bad luck happened. The other two families arrived at the resort before us and were already checked in and at their rooms before my family arrived (we were delayed due to rental car issues). My family had booked 2 connected rooms. Well the lady at the front desk messed up and gave one of our connecting rooms to one of the other families we were traveling with. Now when you arrive at a hotel after the day my family has had, we certainly weren’t happy to find this information out.

The girl at the front desk said that she did that because our reservations were all linked. So of course she completely didn’t think that maybe she should put the family who booked two rooms in the two rooms that connected, not to mention that the rooms she did put us in were completely on opposite ends of the hallway.

Well that’s the end of Part One and the million dollar question is: will our luck ever pick up? I guess you guys will just have to read the next part to find out.


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