Airports, Tables, and Birthdays: A Universal-Disney Trip Report 2016 Part 2

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Part 2! To read part one click HERE. In this blog post I will talk about our two days in the Universal parks.

Hotel Review: Aside from the issue we incurred at check-in, the hotel was beautiful. The rooms were clean and well stocked. We stayed club level which means that every morning we had free continental breakfast and in the evening, we had a free happy hour. These were great perks as it is not an easy task to find something quick for breakfast in the parks.

The parks:

On the first day we woke up early despite the fact that we arrived at the hotel around 2 am the previous night. We headed to Universal Studios after a quick stop at guest relations and our vacation was finally on our way. We saw a large majority of the rides in the park since there are not a large amount of rides. We even got on some rides twice. We decided to skip the Harry Potter rides and save them for the next day. The rides were great.

Since we stayed on property, we had complimentary express passes. These passes allow us to use the “Fast Pass” line for every ride at any time. This was great since we hate waiting on the lines for rides. The only bad thing about these passes is that it’s a separate card than the actual park pass. Each of us had to carry 3 cards: a hotel key, a park pass, and an express pass.  This was very inconvenient.

The second day we headed to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios as soon as the park opens. This is the part of Harry Potter World with Diagon Alley. The rides here are AMAZING. The whole place was so cool. Universal did a great job. We then took the Hogwarts express ( you need a park-park pass) to Islands of Adventure Harry Potter World. Again this was an amazing experience! The lines  were not bad (No express pass taken for most rides in this section) and we were able to accomplish all the rides in both parts of Harry Potter World. Afterwards we got on almost all the rides at Islands of Adventure. We were able to get on the new King Kong ride which was cool but not totally amazing. I didn’t get a chance to get on the Hulk due to an infamous 3pm Orlando thunderstorm. Otherwise we saw almost everything and it was a great experience.

The food in the parks:

On both days we ate lunch in the parks. The food was pretty much gross. It was typical themepark food but it would leave me not really feeling well. The whole set up, especially at the Monster cafe was weird because it was very much school cafeteria style and I really felt like the food was sitting there. Bottom line is that I wasn’t very happy with the quick service in the parks

Side notes:

Every bathroom was disgusting. The floors were always wet like there was a flood and the toilet seats were always dirty. Also, there were never enough stalls. The bathrooms were cramped and always smelled wretched. The rides were almost all simulator type rides which were not condusive to people who have motion sickness issues.

In the next installment, I will talk about the nightlife at Universal and the restaurants we ate at for dinner.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Airports, Tables, and Birthdays: A Universal-Disney Trip Report 2016 Part 2

  1. I always appreciate the cleanliness of Disney and this post just makes me appreciate it more. I also like the food at Disney, but I’ve never been to Universal Florida to compare it – guess there really isn’t much of a comparison unless you don’t like the food at Disney either!

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