Airports, Tables, and Birthdays: A Universal-Disney Trip Report 2016 Part 3

Hi everyone and welcome back to my trip report! If you are just joining us, you can find the previous parts here:

Part 1

Part 2

If you are not just joining us and are ready to continue then here we go! So, in my last trip report, I talked about Universal in the day time. Next I will talk about what we did at night.

At Universal, we stayed club level which meant that we had free happy hour in the club. This was great for our family because we loved having the oprion to go back to the hotel after a hot day and have some good food and drinks. The club was pretty big but could’ve been bigger. There was never a shortage of food or drinks which was great. The happy hour included beer, wine and champagne as well as an assortment of appetizer-like finger food. One of the nights they had delcious coconut shrimp, rice balls, pot-stickers, and egg rolls along with other options like cheese and crackers or vegetables and dip. The people in the club were always friendly and even made the trip extra special by sending up birthday cake to the birthday girls. Club level at Universal is definitely worth it since you really don’t need a whole day at the park to see everything.

After happy hour was over, we would head to citywalk for dinner. We were there for two nights (It was supposed to be three) so we ate at Pat O’Briens and Margaritaville (we switched the reservation so that we didn’t miss this one because we had a big Jimmy Buffet fan in our traveling party).

Pat O’Briens was so much fun, it is home to the famous Hurricane as well as the Dueling Piano Show. The place is pretty small so our large group of 14 really took over the place. We were singing, dancing, eating, and drinking all night. We had so much fun! The service was great and our meals came quickly. The food was good and the music was even better. We were able to put in as many requests for specific songs as we wanted the piano players did a great job at making our Birthday celebration special.

The next night at Margaritaville didn’t go quite as planned. When we arrived for our reservation, the hostess informed us that there was still a party sitting at the table that was meant for us and that they have been there for almost 3 hours! The hostess assured us that it wouldn’t be much longer but we waited an HOUR! for our table. The people at the table had already paid their check before we even showed up and they were still sitting there. The staff was very apologetic to us but we were starving. Eventually, my uncle got so annoyed that he went into the restaurant and just sat at the end of their table.  After a few minutes and a few dirty looks, they finally all left and we were officially seated. The manager did a great job in making it up to us since we waited so long and gave us any appetizers we wanted on the house. They were very nice about the whole ordeal and definitley made up for the mishap so thank you to the staff. The food was great and our server was also pretty good.

Although the food and atmosphere was great, they didn’t do a great job of making the birthdays special. They had a band go on (not even Jimmy Buffet-esque music) and they called everyone who was celebrating up to where the stage was and….that was it. No special song, no special announcement, just 5 minutes of awkwardness for the birthday girls. I have personally celebrated a birthday at this very restaurant and it was so much better. I am assuming it had to do with the fact that there was a band performing and it was pretty late.

All in all, we had a great time at night at Universal. Universal really does a great job with the convenience of everything. The parks and Citywalk are only a short walking distance from the hotel and there was very minimal waiting for really anything (except for some rude people at margaritaville). Next Stop Disney!!

What is your favorite thing to do at night at Universal? Let me know in the comments section below!

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